Congregational Care

Pastoral Care: Coaching and Spiritual Direction for Individuals and Households

Rev. Kanahan, a trained Interfaith (IFC) Coach and Spiritual Director, is here to offer pastoral care, coaching and spiritual direction. Hours are Tuesday and Thursday 9-11am and 6-8pm. All 50 minute appointments and interactions are confidential and customized for your needs. She is willing to listen, encourage, pray or offer resources according to your request. Schedule your self care consult by contacting her at 410-428-8090.

The Congregational Care Committee is a group of warm, caring people who work with the pastor to support congregants. We reach out to spread joy and sympathy through cards, calls, and visits, and we help with the refreshments for special events, such as funeral services. We send thank you notes and birthday cards. We meet once a month, currently on Zoom.

CCC members also help members of the congregation fill needs such as transportation, errands, and computer help. Contact the Pastor’s office with requests.